I fucked my sisters boyfriend

Me and my sister have an apartment together, she’s a year older than me and we’ve always been closer than me and our other siblings. At the time she had a different boyfriend but was f***king with Jose on the side. Now Jose was I guess nineteen at the time but unbelievably sexy. He would always come over to see my sister and f***k her out of her mind. I would hear them in the room moaning a groaning lost in pleasure. It never turned me on to hear my sister having sex. I often told her they need to quiet down. They never did. Well on this on particular night I stayed at one of my tricks house that night; I am gay but my sister doesn’t know and I never brought my business home. Well when I came home I knew my sister was gone to work because her car was gone. So I immediately stripped and jumped in the shower, got out dried off and laid out the couch naked. Knowing my sister wasn’t going to be home till much later I was surprised to hear her door open. I grabbed a pillow and put it over my private area, trying to hide the area a sister shouldn’t see. To my surprise in walks Jose into the living room stark naked d***k swinging through the air hard. As he was walked by I heard the words escaping my mouth and I tried to suck them back in but I was too late they came out loudly “God Damn!” Jose looked at me with a smile “My bad I didn’t know anybody was here” Staring at his abnormally large d***k “That’s OK, s***t I aint know anybody was here either.” I said He laugh and said “My face up here dawg, what you looking at, trust you aint ready for.” I was taken aback by what he said. To me it sounded like a challenge and I always take on them. “Ha that little thing, ya s***t wouldn’t be a problem” I was lying threw my teeth but I wasn’t about to show him I was scared plus I assumed he was just joking anyway. That’s when he walked over and stood in front of me, Jose had a body like that chico off desperate house wives rippling abs, built chest with a manicured trail of hair leading to a d***k like Mandingo, long thick and straight. “You wanna see?” He asked. Looking at that size of his s***t I couldn’t back down now but I did “Na man maybe another time.” “Another time? Ya d***k say different it’s bout to bust threw that pillow.” Jose moves the pillow and get down on his knees in front of me and starts sucking on my d***k head. I could tell he had done this before because his tongue play had me bucking my d***k in out of his mouth. He grabbed my waist and flipped me over on the couch with my ass in the air. I heard him spit and then I felt him rubbing my ass. I thought to myself I know he aint about to f***k me. That’s when I felt his head sliding in. I let out a loud ass “Aww f***k!” I tried to pull away but he had a mean ass grip on my waist and he was still going in. Once he was in he pushed and pulled me back and forth on his long ass d***k, but it wasn’t hurting; he was gentle. I laid down on my stomach and he followed with his d***k still inside me. Still slowly grinding inside while peacefully kissing me on my neck and nibbling my ear. I carefully turn over on my back making sure not to let Jose slip out and told him to lean back. I was on top of him riding him gracefully up and down back and forth. He was chanting “Don’t stop” with his eyes closed tight. With that ever present grip on my waist I felt him clutch me tighter and he let out “AAAH YESS!” I could feel him shooting inside of me and I kept riding him making sure I emptied him out. When I was sure he was done I cleant him up a bit with a little tongue action. Then went in my room and fell asleep. Unknown to my sister we still f***k even though its her man but maybe I’ll tell you about the time he crept into my room one night, another time.


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